know all your enemies (kelliee) wrote,
know all your enemies

i totally knew that was going to happen.

i requested today off of work 2 weeks ago. i wrote on the request form "please call me if you cannot give me this day off so i can make other arrangements." the reason i asked for them to call me is because i only work there once a week, and because they don't have a set day that they put out the official schedule. sometimes it's ready on tuesday, sometimes saturday (which is shitty). anyway, the point is that i got no call. i thought about calling last night, but i was like... no. i told them to call me and they didn't, so it's all on them. another part of the reason why i didn't call last night was because i also requested last sunday off. that time, i called on the saturday before and asked if i had to work the next day and my manager (the one that does the schedule) was like "you requested that day off didn't you?" and i was like "yeah..." and he was like "then you don't work tomorrow." so duh, i requested today off and by the way he spoke to me the last time, i assumed that i would automatically have the day off since i requested it. i wouldn't have assumed if he didn't put it that way. just goes to show you can't trust anyone to do anything right.

now i think i am probably going to be fired, which is fine i guess since i've been wanting to quit that stupid job since i started it almost 6 years ago. the only thing that would suck is that i would lose my paid time off money, which is about $600. that's free rent money...

even shittier, is that he scheduled me for 8am even though we had just discussed the fact that i'm always late (8 is just a tad too early since i'm coming straight from my other job), so he said that he would start scheduling me at 8:15. WTF.

if i'm not fired, i'm quitting. i can't deal with that bullshit anymore. the discount isn't worth it.

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