know all your enemies (kelliee) wrote,
know all your enemies

i am poor and i really need a computer. i really want a macbook (the $1500 one), but i cant afford it.

should i:
a. buy a $400 toshiba, and use that until i can afford the macbook (which will pretty much never happen)?
b. put the macbook on my credit card and create even more debt that i cant pay off (with the ridiculous interest rate and finance charges i've been getting)? basically i flush like $200 down the drain every month, and i'm only making like 800 a month with the shitty hours i've been getting at work... plus 550 for rent, like 100 for utilities... and i have to eat... you see how the math is working out? i tried to apply for the apple credit card thing, but i was denied. denied!
c. any other ideas?

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