January 19th, 2012


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it's been like 2 1/2 years since the last time i posted. lots of things happened. 2010 is a year i'd like to forget. nothing went right, and everything went very scary and wrong. i may expand more later when i have the motivation. but 2011 was pretty ok. no complaints.

so... i finally unofficially moved to portland this past october. i've only wanted to move here since 2004, but... better late than never. i got two jobs within a week of moving, and one of them was so horrible and soul sucking that i decided it would be best for my mental health to quit both jobs and i went back to LA for the whole month of december and picked up shifts at my old job where i made more money for less effort. i officially moved back to portland this month (i brought my dogs up, that made it official) and i was hoping i could get my boring job back at fred meyer but it looks like its not gonna happen. of course the job i hated really wants me back but i'm not gonna do it unless i get really REALLY desperate. unfortunately, since i've moved here i had to get the timing belt changed on my car ($700) on monday, then yesterday my car had to get towed back to shop cause it sounded like it was gonna explode. one of my fillings fell out tuesday and if i go to the dentist they are gonna tell me i need a million dollars worth of dental work. also, one of my dogs has kidney stones and may eventually need surgery. wonderful!

for now i'm enjoying the unemployed life, but i'd like it more if i was independently wealthy and had friends.